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Conductive Hearing Loss
It is possible to treat a conductive hearing loss with medical intervention. A hearing loss caused by an infection can be treated with antibiotics and, in some incidences, surgery.

Age Related Hearing Loss
The hearing loss caused by the aging process is a permanent one. The only treatment for this type of hearing loss is a hearing aid. Most people with age related hearing loss have good low frequency hearing but poor high frequency hearing. This means that they struggle with the clarity of speech.

Digital Hearing Aids
Are programmed to your individual hearing loss ensuring you receive the correct amplification across the whole frequency range. This gives a more natural normal sound quality.

Open Fit Hearing Aids
The latest hearing aids are designed to make the most of good low frequency hearing that and amplify the high frequency hearing (as in age related hearing loss) to help with speech discrimination. You no-longer have the problem of hearing your own voice or chewing noises too loud.

Childhood Hearing Loss

Glue Ear

This is a temporary hearing impairment which affects a high percentage of children. It is treated by the insertion of Grommets. A grommet is a small tube placed in the ear drum which allows the fluid to drain out of the middle ear cavity. They are inserted under general anesthetic.

Congenital Hearing Loss
Congenital hearing loss is permanent and is treated with the fitting of a hearing aid(s).

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