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Adult Hearing Assessment

As people get older their hearing may change

A full Audiological assessment involves looking at the hearing system as a whole.

Video otoscopy allows us to examine your ear canal and ear drum. The image is displayed on screen for you to see. It can help identify physical abnormalities, which may contribute to a hearing loss. It involves the Audiologist looking into your ear with a light; it is both a safe and comfortable procedure. It assesses the outer portion of your ear.

Tympanometry records the movement of your ear drum and can help determine the nature of a hearing loss. It can identify the presence of fluid in the middle ear cavity. It involves the Audiologist placing a tip in your ear for 10-15 seconds. You will hear a low tone and feel a slight build up of pressure. The test is safe and comfortable. It assesses the middle portion of your ear.

Pure Tone Audiometry is a test which identifies the lowest volume at which you can hear for a range of different sounds. The test is carried out in a sound booth; it involves you listening to beeps or tones, through a pair of headphones and responding by pressing a button every time you hear a noise. It lasts 20-30 minutes.

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