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How hearing aids work
When your hearing is damaged it is impossible to replace the affected hair-cells. However, hearing aids can help restore many of the sounds that hearing impaired people are missing. A hearing aid is an electronic device which amplifies sounds entering your ear.

Today’s hearing aid technology is advanced to a point where properly fitted instruments can do a great deal to alleviate the misery of hearing loss. The latest hearing aids are now so discreet they are almost invisible. We supply a wide range of digital hearing aids from leading manufactures such as; GN ReSound, PC Werth and Phonak. We supply many different models to suit your individual needs. All our hearing aids are fully-digital.

What does Digital Mean?
Digital hearing aids are programmed exactly to your hearing loss giving a superior sound quality and improved understanding of speech in noise. Digital hearing aids have many features which make the sound quality as natural as normal hearing. Digital hearing aids can help you hear better in the presence of background noise by identifying speech sounds and amplifying them more than the background noise.

We provide impartial advice about which hearing aid may be best for you.

Different Hearing Aid Models
The model you choose can affect the quality of the sound you hear.

When wearing your hearing aid, does your own voice appear too loud or is chewing noise excessively loud?

Do you have a blocked or full feeling when wearing your hearing aid?

An 'open fit' hearing aid can reduce this by allowing natural low frequency sounds into your ear allowing you to hear a more natural sound.

In The Ear (ITE)
A custom made hearing aid that fits into the concha bowl of your ear. In The Ear hearing aids can fit moderate to severe hearing losses.

Completely In the Canal (CIC)
A custom made hearing aid that fits into your ear canal. Completely In the Canal hearing aids can fit up to a moderate hearing loss.

Behind The Ear (BTE)
A generic device that sits behind your ear and is attached to a custom made ear-mould which sits in your ear. Behind the ear hearing aids can fit up to profound hearing losses.

Open Fit Hearing Aids

Receiver in the Canal (RTC)
A small BTE device attached to an open mould/tip which sits in your ear canal. It allows natural sound into your ear. Open fit hearing aids are ideal for high frequency hearing losses and age related hearing losses.

Invisible open fit
Open fit In the Ear (ITE) aid. Fits completely in your ear and is almost invisible. It utilises the physical properties of the pinna, which reduces wind noise and gives a more natural sound. Also offers all the benefits of open fit. An Invisible open fit hearing aid can fit a mild to moderate hearing loss.

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