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Information on how to refer a patient

In Census 2002, almost half of all people aged 55+ described having a hearing difficulty, with the numbers of hearing impaired people increasing with increasing age. Many of these people suffer in silence and become increasingly isolated and withdrawn due to their inability to engage in conversation in certain situations. A hearing assessment is a quick and accurate way of identifying or eliminating the presence of a hearing impairment.

Our fully qualified clinical Audiologists have many years experience in diagnosing hearing impairment. We also have support of ENT consultants and, if necessary can refer on for medical advice/opinion. The welfare of the patient is of upmost importance to us. We will only fit a hearing aid if the patient will benefit from it.

To refer a patient for a hearing assessment you can phone and arrange an appointment or you can post in a referral using one of our referral pads, contact to obtain a referral pad.

A hearing impairment in early childhood can have a lasting, detrimental effect on a child's general development.

The most common cause of hearing impairment in children is 'Glue Ear'. 'Glue Ear' can be easily diagnosed using tympanometry.

Hearing tests can now be carried out on very young children.

At Audico we have the equipment, facilities and qualified staff to carry out hearing assessment on children of all ages.

We specialise in:

Ear Examination and Investigation

Adult and Children Hearing Assessments

Tinnitus Assessment and Therapy

Newborn Hearing Screening

State of the Art Digital Hearing Aids