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Child Hearing Assessment

No child is too young for a hearing test.

Tympanometry records the movement of the eardrum following a change of pressure. It can assess how the middle ear is working. The test in helpful in determining the nature of your child’s hearing loss, such as ‘glue ear’, which is the most common cause of childhood hearing impairment.

The purpose of this test is to determine the softest volume at which your child is able to hear. Sounds will be delivered through headphones, loudspeaker or small earphones. Your child will then have the task of indicating when the sounds are heard.

Visual Reinforcement Audiometry ( < 2 Years)
In very young infants, the child will be led to believe the sound is coming from an animated toy, rather than a loudspeaker. The Audiologist produces the sound and turning towards the sound source is reinforced with the animated toy.

Play Audiometry ( > 2 Years)
In older children, the child is instructed to respond to a sound by completing part of a game, such as building blocks or a puzzle.

Pure Tone Audiometry ( > 4 Years)
Once the child has reached a certain age, they respond as an adult by pressing a button, raising a hand or saying ‘yes’ when the sound is heard.

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