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What causes adult hearing loss

Conductive Hearing Loss
A conductive hearing loss can be both temporary and permanent. It can occur due to a problem in the outer or middle ear which prevents sound reaching the hair cells in the cochlea. It can be caused by ear wax, fluid in the middle ear (‘Glue Ear’), a hole in the ear drum, infection or a genetic defect. A conductive hearing loss can usually be treated by a medical procedure.

Sensorineural (Nerve) Hearing Loss
A sensorineural hearing loss is permanent and occurs as a result of damage to the hair cells in the cochlea or the auditory nerve. The cause of a sensorineural hearing loss can be aging, infection, head injury, noise exposure or genetic. The only treatment of a sensorineural hearing loss is the fitting of a hearing aid.

Problems faced by patients with a hearing loss

  • Reduced hearing sensitivity
  • Reduced speech discrimination in quiet
  • Impaired speech discrimination in noise
  • Impaired music recognition
  • Reduced frequency resolution
  • Tinnitus
  • Reduced discrimination between environmental sounds
  • Difficulty locating exactly where the sound is coming from

Modern hearing aids have many features which combat each of these problems allowing the wearer to participate in all aspects of life more easily.

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